The Modlite division in America is massive, however they are gaining massive momentum in Australia and are racing across most states in Australia. Modlites are great for contenders who are on limited budgets as they designed to be cheap to build and run.

Modlites are powered by motorcycle engines and there are three weight divisions based on the engines (Stock, Spec & Open). There are also different body styles as per below:

  1. Classic Modified – 1928-1948 American-made production vehicles only, 5/8 scale, two door sedans, coupes, or pickup trucks.
  2. MA IMCA MODLITE – Bodies resembling a Midwestern IMCA modified.
  3. MA MODLITE – Bodies resembling a North-Eastern Dirt Car modified.

Any car specifications not covered in these body specs are subject to MA interpretation. Any significant performance advantage will be addressed on an individual basis. MA reserves the right to determine what constitutes an unfair advantage.

If you wish to race a modified sedan please get in touch with your local modified sedan racing club for more information on joining their club and eligibility of racing in this division. Please also see the documents to the right for required information for drivers and their cars.


Modlite Racing Clubs:

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