AMCA Nationals are mild steel chassis based cars, with aluminum, fiberglass or mild steel bodies. They are purpose-built and modified to be based on American Dirt Modifieds. AMCA Nationals was founded in 1997 and the division has always adhered to strict rules and regulations, thus creating an even platform for all competitors.

Drivers have two choices of engines a Holden V8 253ci engine (approx.  340 horsepower), or a Chevrolet V8 350ci crate engine (approx. 350 horsepower). The chassis have a HQ-WB Holden front clip, and drivers can utilise a standard Commodore BorgWarner differential or quick-change differential.

If you wish to race an AMCA car please get in touch with your local AMCA racing club for more information on joining their club and eligibility of racing in this division. Please also see the documents to the right for required information for drivers and their cars.

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